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Printing and plotering

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We print various size prints (to 120 cm width) with "ValueJet" printer and using "Eco ultra" inks, on different materials (paper, adhesive pellicle, sheet, etc.). "Mutoh" technology ensures you a perfectly flat colors, rašalo kiekis paskirstomas dalimis, this allows reach wider range of colors and print on difficult materials.

Printer ValueJet Printing technology
Printer ValueJet
Printing technology "Mutoh"

Plotter and cut letters, logos on different width, height, thick pellicle (up to 80 cm wide). Plotters use tangential technology. This technology reaches more fine detail, accuracy on fonts, better quality and wider opportunities to cut through very thick and harder materials.

Plotter Summa S75-T
Plotter Summa S75-T